Using Python and machine learning to create a foundation for hotels to effectively manage their revenue

By Elliot Wilens, Data Scientist & Revenue Manager

The St. Regis Deer Valley (Park City, Utah)

This is a project that’s been on my mind since the day I started learning Python. I’ve spent quite a bit of time throughout my career using hotel Revenue Management systems, and was always curious about how they worked. So I built one.

It all started with a list of reservations. It’s not easy finding a publicly available hotel data set— I’d almost given up on the idea for something else to use as my Final Project for Metis Data Science Bootcamp. Then I came across this dataset from ScienceDirect. There’s over…

A non-technical example of using Natural Language Processing techniques to categorize unstructured text documents into categories

By Elliot Wilens

President Joe Biden (left) and former President Donald Trump (right)

The 2020 Presidential Election took place during a delicate time for most Americans. In the absence of social gatherings, many joined Twitter to share their opinions (annual increase of 23 million users¹). As a result of this separation, and in conjunction with social unrest over racial inequality (#blacklivesmatter) and several other factors, the United States became as polarized as ever. Well, not ever, but you get the point.

Misinformation campaigns exist. Hell, today, even fake people exist (at least in the…


Data Scientist and Hotel Revenue Manager

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